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What’s being said about us…

Jim’s dedication to bringing music to children’s lives in the form of fun, affordable events will appeal to parents everywhere….

Local entrenpeneur and founder of MEC Jim Duncan

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For more information out our events, to join our team, volunteer or just have a chat contact us today

Contact us

Music Events Clydesdale have made exhibiting at their events so cost effective I can’t afford not to be there ….

Marshall CapoKeyring Scottish Music Fayre, New Lanark

Our ethos

Music Events Clydesdale is a social enterprise bringing affordable events to the community.  MORE

Our team

Music Events Clydesdale is made up of a small team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs & musicians. MORE

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Our friends

We couldn’t bring you the kind of events we’re thrilled to be putting on without the help and expertise of our friends.  MORE

Our events

Our first two major events are the Biggar Sport & Music Festival and the Marshall CapoKeyring Scottish Music Show.  MORE

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About us

I think its time to get our heads offline for a bit, switch the mobiles off, play some games, get some fresh air and exercise and listen to some decent live music

After teaching guitar for over 15 years and a career in the music industry, I have noticed with the advances of modern technology a sharp decline in the number of kids playing musical instruments and also their involvement in community events and sport. Technology is a wonderful thing, but I firmly believe if we do not strive to create platforms for the younger generation to see and hear music and get involved in sports, teams and their community spirit, it could literally fall by the wayside. I have witnessed parties where every adult in the room had their face stuck in their mobile phones and have all too often seen people sit with their TV on, laptop on their knees downloading apps. Society and the powers that be would like nothing more than to keep us in that exact position.

Jim Duncan

Chairman/Founder of M.E.C