Our ethos is to create events that offer everyone involved the opportunity to trade without the usual and often extortionate set up charges.  We aim to make our events affordable to both industry and public alike.

We believe that having a core set of values with everyone's best interest at heart rather than individual profiteering is the way to create sustainable and enjoyable events, and that is why we are a non profit making organisation.  

We are dedicated to this cause to prove that working together to help each other is achievable and ultimately a better system.  

Our ethos
Music Events Clydesdale create family friendly events Scottish Music Fayre and Sports & Music Festival

Jim Duncan, Chairman/Founder MEC…

If you help someone on a personal level selflessly the rewards are immeasurable. Why can’t the business world take a little lesson from this?  Sooner or later communities are going to have to start working together again in a very close fashion and when that happens I don’t want my community to be so far removed from community spirit that they don’t know what to do”

Jim Duncan, musician

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